Grove Kids

There's more to kid's than just teaching. Become a growth partner, help with Check-Ins, prepare snacks, be part of the creative team, help with special events, hold babies, join the sanitation crew and keep our gKids environments clean and safe for every family, and so much more.


Here at The Grove, we are Investing In The World Changers of Tomorrow, TodayJoin the team and make an eternal investment in today's generation of young people through a practical and loving relationship now.

Worship & Creative Arts

Loving God and helping people encounter Him. That's our mission through Worship. At The Grove we are redeeming the Arts for God's glory, and using today's technology to help create environments where people can experience God's presence by using all of the senses in our bodies. From music to professional video, drama, graphics, photography and so much more. If you're creative this is a place where you can plug in and use your talents and passion for God's glory.

Sign-Up Today

It takes everyone to make Sunday happen. Are you willing to help? At The Grove, we believe in relationship, but our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our services. Click on the links below to get involved in one of the many ministry opportunities at The Grove.

First Impressions

Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, help find the best seats available, and pray with those who just made the most important decision of their lives: accepting Christ. Then help them to have the same amazing experience leaving as they had coming. Join a team that puts the WOW in Welcome.