Everyone craves great relationships! Yet, they can seem to be one of the most elusive and mysterious parts of our lives. How do we develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships within our family, friends, co-workers, and those in our community of faith? This small group course based on the Relationships 101 book by pastor and author James Ranger will inspire you and lead you to experience them through personal stories, and practical and Biblical ideas. You will learn how to: • Communicate more effectively. • Resolve conflict. • Enjoy "covenant" relationships. • Get rid of emotions that destroy relationships. • Bring out the best in others. • Love each other like God loves us.

James Ranger

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Group Host Previews

For each "session" group meeting there is a Host Preview video to give you tips and tools to help you better lead those who participate and grow in relationship in group life with you before they arrive. Take a couple minutes to view the video for each corresponding week. Most of all remember it's about growing in relationship.

Group Sessions

Each small group Session is here for your convenience

"on demand". Be sure to first check out the corresponding "Host Preview" prior to your gathering. Feel free to stop and start the session videos as desired throughout your group gathering, and follow along in your study guides. But most of all, remember it's all about relationship.

Bonus Videos