Have you ever noticed that God loves variety? All you have to do is look at creation. For instance, the beetle has the largest number of sub-species of all the insects, with over 350,000 different species of beetle. And that’s just what’s been recorded. Some scientists estimate the real number to be over 4-million species. — That’s what you call Creative Overkill.


Or what about snow? In 1-cubic ft. of snow, it’s estimated that there’s between

18-million to over 1-billion snowflakes. And NOT one of them are alike. — And the only One who knows if they’re NOT alike is God.


So why did He do it? — Because He loves variety.


NOT to mention us, as humans. Nearly 7.4-Billion people on this earth, all created in His image, and yet no two people have the same finger prints / foot prints / eye prints / dental prints or personalities. The truth is God has created all of us as individuals, and yet He knows every single one of us intimately. God loves variety!


In this sermon series Pastor Marc shares not only how you can discover your unique purpose, but how you have been SHAPE'd To WIn.

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