Becoming a Grove Group Leader

Grove Groups Mission Statement:


Dedicated and Committed groups of Worship, Evangelism, Living and Learning to grow relationships for life!

We’re excited to see you step into the role of a Grove Group Leader!


Small Groups play an integral role in the mission of The Grove. So to serve as a Grove Group leader/facilitator, it is also necessary for you to attend the Developing Roots group in your NEXT Steps at The Grove. They are typically about a 1-hour group periodically scheduled after our second service on Sunday mornings. In Developing Roots you’ll have an opportunity to hear the history and vision of The Grove and how you fit in the Foursquare family.


Keep an eye on the calendar to for the next Developing Roots and GroupLink gatherings.



Continue the Conversation

A great and simple resource for leaders. Continue the Conversation is a weekly email campaign that goes out after first service. It is usually 3-4 questions relating to the weekend service, and an action step to help you grow and create community. Sign up on the form to the left and plug into relationship. Life is better connected. 


What is GroupLink?

Group Link is our periodic Group leader training and fellowships. Leaders lead, but leaders also need to be lead, grow, and sharpen each other. If you are a Group leader, facilitator, or apprentice this is for you. As you continuiously pour out making disciples and fullfilling our Purpose to Love W.E.L.L., we want to link up and pour back in so you can lead on a full tank, and equipped with helpful leadership tools to stay effective. Please keep an eye out on the Events calendar to stay up with the next Group Link gathering.



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