Our Mission:

Dedicated To Knowing The Savior - Committed To Making Him Known

It's the "Great Commandment" Matthew 22:36-40  and the "Great Commission"  Matthew 28:16-20

Our Purpose:

Love W.E.L.L.

Love God and people through Worship Evangelism Living and Learning

Our Vision:

See what God can do through you!

Our Strategy:

To create environments where people of all ages are equipped, encouraged and released to pursue relationship with God,

community with one another, and influence with the unchurched.

Our Core Values:

Relationship – WE BELIEVE that Christianity is about relationship and not about religion, and that we were created for a relationship with God, a relationship with one another (believers) and a relationship with the un-churched and the Not-Yet saved.


Community – WE BELIEVE true community and life-change happen best in small groups where loving relationships are nurtured in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.


Outreach – WE BELIEVE in the eternal value of every soul; therefore we will do everything possible to reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Worship – WE BELIEVE the worship of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, should be our highest aim in life.


Spiritual Growth – WE BELIEVE in every believer’s spiritual growth as the Holy Spirit steadily develops in us the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Gifts – WE BELIEVE every member is a minister, so therefore we will help every person discover, develop, and deploy their gifts in our volunteer driven church.


Teaching – WE BELIEVE the catalyst for transformed lives is teaching that is: Bible-centered,

Holy Spirit led, culturally relevant, creative, and balanced.


Generosity – WE BELIEVE it is more blessed to give than to receive, therefore, we will lead the way with irrational generosity.


Team – WE BELIEVE that doing ministry as a team is God’s design for effectiveness.


Excellence – WE BELIEVE excellence honors God and inspires people so it should permeate each and all of our activities.


Leadership – WE BELIEVE the church should be led by those with leadership gifts; therefore we will identify and train emerging leaders who will reach their generation with the Good News.


Restoration – WE BELIEVE the church is to be a safe place where the healing power of Jesus Christ restores broken people.